Do you have resources for mentors?

July 19, 2016

Article By: Generations

Kevin Swanson: Our recommendation is that young men are mentored by older men in the industry that they're looking at, and the same thing for young women that they be mentored by older women. Especially if you're developing that relationship, that long term relationship, and there's a great deal of buy-in and the relationship's developing. We're focusing on character, we're life integrating principle, we're doing discipleship, Christian discipleship along the way. That's the ideal. That's the ideal. Now, granted some people can't always have the Christian mentor, or the ideal Christian mentor, but presenting the basic constituents to mentorship in this guidebook.

Chad Roach: Now, Danny, let's say that there's a dad out there, and he says, "Hey, I really like this and I wanna help teach and I wanna help maybe equip my son or somebody else that I know and get them encouraged." Are there resources available to somebody who wants to be a mentor to be able to bring a young person in and walk beside them?

Daniel Craig: Yeah, one of the things that we realize is, "Hey, accountability's crucial." It's crucial in the mentorship, but I think it's crucial for the success of a young man or a young woman going through this process as well. And so what we've developed is the free mentor's guide, and it basically walks a potential guide through the process of initiating a kick-start study group to where we can bring several families together, several parents, several young people, and go through this process of discovering these principles together and it just creates a community wherein there's more motivation, there's more accountability, but what's interesting is that we've had dads attend those study groups and say, "Wait, this isn't just good for my kids. I need to know this stuff. This is life changing for me." And so that's a resource that I think is gonna be key to really providing the accountability that a lot of young people are gonna need to make it through this successfully.

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