Christian Film Producer: Get Serious About God's Word

Rich Christiano Discusses Play the Flute Movie


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February 18, 2019

Guest host Adam McManus talks with Producer, Writer, and Director Rich Christiano about his latest Christian film entitled Play the Flute. It’s the story of a new youth pastor (Brett Varvel) who takes over an indifferent youth group to try to motivate his students to read God’s Word and get serious about their relationship with the Lord.

The cast includes Sean Ormond, Kennedy Tucker, Clint Howard (The Andy Griffith Show, Gentle Ben), Fred Grandy (Gopher on Love Boat) and Loretta Swit (Margaret Houlihan on M.A.S.H.)

Founder of, Rich Christiano also produced, wrote and directed Time Changer, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, and A Matter of Faith which are available on his website.

Without any financial obligation on your part, you can partner with Christiano to bring the film Play the Flute to your city, splitting the profits with him or raising money for a worthwhile ministry.


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