What God Does with His Wisdom

June 19, 2017

Proverbs 3:19–20

The LORD by wisdom has founded the earth; by understanding has He established the heavens. 

By His knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew.

Wisdom does things. While it is hard to define wisdom, we can look at the earth or a drop of dew glistening on the frond of a fern and say, “Wow! It took a good deal of wisdom to do that!” Thus, to determine if someone is wise, it is best to look at what he produces. And once you have found a wise person, you should spend time with him, listen to him, and do what he says. 

It is one thing to look at a beautiful sculpture or a magnificent temple created by the hands of men, but it is quite another thing to view the original creative work of the God Who made the awe-inspiring heaven and earth. God’s creation is original, for only God creates ex nihilo (out of nothing). Moreover, God’s creation is far more complex, compact, diverse, self-sustaining, and expansive than anything man has done or ever could do. It is therefore incumbent upon us to take every opportunity we can to obtain wisdom from this Source of all wisdom.

Family Discussion Questions: 

1. Does our family ever stand in wide-eyed wonder before God’s amazing creation? Could you create one tiny piece of dirt? When was the last time you created dew that could drop out of the clouds over hundreds of square miles of farmland? How will we increase our capacity for wonder at the amazing works of God in creation?