Partner Ministries

Many young people struggle with discerning what they should do with their life and how to find opportunities, especially when their parents are either absent, or unsure of how to help them. In 2013, LifeLaunch was founded to equip young men and women to launch into life NOW with clear vision, through powerful mentoring relationships and real-life application.
From America to Asia to wherever your family calls home, Homeschool Summits’ online events come right to you. Receive practical, biblical help and hope for Christ-centered home education and discipleship. We’ve helped thousands of families like yours since we launched in 2017, and we’d love to welcome you!
Voiced by veteran talk show host Adam McManus and written by a team of writers led by radio-host and pastor Kevin Swanson, The World View in 5 Minutes is a round-up of the daily news from a Biblical perspective. Enjoy the most definitively Christian overview of the news including politics, pop culture, the church, and tracing God’s sovereign hand in the affairs of man.
As a homeschool organization since 1990, Chrisitian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) has serves homeschoolers in Colorado through conferences, seminars, resources, legal work, and more. CHEC envisions families honoring Jesus Christ by embracing home discipleship that is Christ centered, parent directed, and free from government control.