Our 2017 winners are...

Grand Prize Winner:

Stand by Marie Vaughn

Top 4 Runner-Up Stories:

A Faithful Witness by Micah Derksen

Beyond this Life by Melanthe Howell

Fallen Standard by Sophia Darvin

The Lone Cross by Theodore Smith

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Interested in story writing and looking to grow your skills? 

Generations and P&R Publishing are excited to announce the 2017 Bunyan Fiction Writing Contest! 

Named in honor of John Bunyan, one of the most important Christian story writers of all time, the 2017 Bunyan Fiction Writing Contest offers an opportunity to get hands-on writing instruction from much-loved author, Douglas Bond, and to learn how to write God-honoring stories that serve to edify your readers. (Designed for students age 12 and up)

Why the Bunyan Fiction Writing Contest? Find out why we decided to organize this contest here.

1. Included with the Contest

All contest participants will receive access to:

2. Contest Prizes

Enter the Contest and submit a 1,750-word, fictional short story by April 1st for a chance to win a prize!

$800 Grand Prize: 

  • 5 Douglas Bond Books from P&R Publishing ($100 value)
  • $500 cash prize, 
  • and a 2-Hour 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Douglas Bond ($200 value).

4 Runner-Up Prizes: 

  • 5 Douglas Bond Books from P&R Publishing ($100 value)

3. Contest Guidelines

Winning entries will have compelling, authentic characters (complex villains, heroes who are men and not angels), an appropriately paced plot that explores conflict in a biblically appropriate manner (writers ought to remember they are writing fiction, not preaching a sermon), with a redemptive resolution that respects mystery in a broken world.

Your short story must conform to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum of 1,750 words
  • Double spaced
  • Indent all paragraphs, including each speaker in dialogue
  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font on entire document
  • Number pages bottom center
  • Include your name, contact info, and final word count at the top right of the submission

Read last year's winning stories. 

2016 Grand Prize Winner: War Wounds by Melissa Merritt

Runner-Up Winners:

4. The Masterclass

How often do you get to sit down and spend an hour learning fiction-writing from someone who has authored over 25 books?! Get access to the video recording of the 1-Hour Fiction-Writing Masterclass we held on Wednesday, March 8th and enjoy learning first-hand from experienced Christian author, Douglas Bond, when you sign up for the 2017 Bunyan Fiction-Writing Contest

We'll send you a link to the masterclass video and everything else included in the writing contest, once you sign up below.

Contest entrance has closed. 

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Douglas Bond

Douglas Bond is author of more than twenty-five books of historical fiction, biography, devotion, and practical theology, including several books now in Dutch and Portuguese. He is the director of the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, adjunct instructor in church history and creative writing at three institutions of higher learning, and leads Church history tours throughout Europe. Doug has been married to his delightfully patient and supportive wife Cheryl since 1983; they have been blessed with six children and three grandchildren.

Why the Bunyan Fiction Writing Contest?

A great story is probably one of the most powerful tools for cultivating beliefs and views on life, especially in the minds of the young. Jesus was the Master storyteller. John Bunyan's literary masterpiece The Pilgrims Progress has made a tremendous positive impact for the kingdom of God in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the years. 

But unfortunately, stories have often been used very effectively to bring men into spiritual bondage and ignorance, as seen in books such as Harry Potter, a highly influential series of books. This world today needs great storytellers who will make known the "Truth that sets men free" through their stories. But in order to effectively communicate the truth through your story, you first need to know how to write a great story. 

And that is why Generations is excited to partner with P&R Publishing and bring you the 2017 Bunyan Fiction Writing Contest. Featuring much loved, Christian author, Douglas Bond, the 2017 Bunyan Fiction Writing Contest offers you an opportunity to get hands-on writing instruction and learn how to write God-honoring stories that serve to edify your readers. 

Sign up by Saturday, April 1st to submit your short story and enter for a chance to win the $800 grand-prize.