What Is "Good" Music?

Many families and churches face significant levels of tension over the issue of music and questions like:

  • How should Christians be influencing the world of music? What does it mean to be “in”, but not “of” the world?
  • Should we listen to popular music in our home?
  • Are there right and wrong styles of music, or does God not care as long it is played out of a true heart of worship?

This tension over music often raises some pretty difficult relational questions as well.

  • Is it ever right to leave a church over its music choices?
  • How should parents respond when their young adult children insist on listening to music that they don’t think is God-honoring?
  • “My spouse and I disagree on what kind of music should be allowed in our home. How should we work this out?”

Thursday, February 16th at 8:00 PM EST: 

Rock, Pop, or Bach?: What Music Should We Allow in Our Home?

This month on Live with Kevin Swanson, we will be considering what the Scriptures have to say about these and other questions on music. Join us this Thursday, February 16th at 8:00 PM EST as we talk with a couple of homeschool graduates with varying backgrounds on how they are making music choices with their own families.

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