How much say should my parents have in my media choices?

July 18, 2016

Article By: Generations

Daniel Craig: Let's get real practical here for a moment, because I know there's moms and dads out there that are trying to figure out, "Okay, well, how do I go about defining this culture specifically when it feels like my kids are being drawn and pulled so hard by the wolf?". Does the Bible speak to help moms and dads interact with their kids in regards to establishing this culture?

Kevin Swanson: The fifth commandment is essential. It's the cultural commandment. "Honor your father and your mother. It will go well with you in the land. It will be a blessing upon you." And the fifth commandment is where we encourage our children to honor their parents' instructions relating to the warp and the woof of life, including music, including making beds, and appearance and dress.

Daniel Craig: Proverbs speaks to this.

Kevin Swanson: Yeah, it does. Proverbs draws in the the idea of taking your parents' commandments and hanging them around your neck, and taking your mother's law and wrapping it around your wrist. That means take it seriously and consider it to be important and align your life to the commandments and to the tips and the instructions and things that your parents give to you. When somebody asks me, "Should I be listening to this kind of music or that kind of music?" My first question to these young people is, "Well, what does your mother think about it? What does your father think about it?" It's ultimately parents...

Daniel Craig: That's convicting.

Kevin Swanson: ...who will, you know, have the wisdom to sort of give you the best ideas as to what music would be the most profitable for you. There's something relativistic about music in that the fifth commandment requires parents to make the call as to the best entertainment their children will participate in. So if children will start to honor their parents and parents will start providing that wisdom to their children, we'll begin to see something of a healthy culture developing with families.

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