Why is it important for little children to have a biblical worldview?

July 18, 2016

Article By: Generations

Daniel Craig: So I'm working at a Generations booth, you have the parents that come by and it's always interesting to see what book they pick up. What I found is oftentimes, they end up picking up this book here. What does the Bible say about that?

Chad Roach: It's the coolest book on the table.

Daniel Craig: It's a cool book. It's a cool cover, for sure, but...

Kevin Swanson: It's a great cover, but it's got all kinds of fun stuff inside, too.

Daniel Craig: We're gonna get to that. Hang on a second. I think one of the questions that every parent has on their mind is, "How can I give my child a biblical world view?" A lot of parents care about that. That's important to all parents. But I think they often start thinking about that at later ages, maybe the junior high and the high school years. But, is it important for little kids?

Kevin Swanson: Well, I think some people think that it doesn't matter as much what kind of education you give an eight-year-old or a nine-year-old. Now, you send them to a college, professor happens to be Richard Dawkins.

Daniel Craig: They should probably have a little biblical world view by then.

Kevin Swanson: Right. But the eight-year-old, who cares? The problem is all education has a world view foundation. All buildings rest on a foundation of some sort. It's either a good or a bad foundation. We need to be just as concerned about our eight-year-old as we are with a 18-year-old. And so therefore, it is incumbent upon us as parents that we give our kids the right foundation, the basics of a biblical world view from day one.

Daniel Craig: So, if a parent says, "Okay, but how do I know if my kid has a biblical world view now? How do they... "

Chad Roach: How do you know if an eight-year-old has a biblical world view?

Kevin Swanson: It's very, very simple. It's very, very simple. You talk about anything. You ask the kid any question. You ask yourself any question. The first thing on your mind as you respond to the question is this, "What does the Bible say about that?"

Daniel Craig: You have a one-year-old. Does he know that answer?

Chad Roach: He doesn't yet. We're...

Kevin Swanson: But he has to.

Daniel Craig: But you can still use this.

Kevin Swanson: But you gotta go back to the Word of God. Why? Because that's what we call the epistemological authority, which means the authority for truth. Where are we gonna go first for the answers, for anything, for any question we ask in life? Where do we start? We start with what the Bible says.

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