What does God have to say about education?

July 18, 2016

Article By: Generations

Chad Roach: So you stand up in a room full of Christian parents and you say, "Education is important." And they're all gonna say, "Amen. Amen." You say, "Christian education is important." "Oh, amen, amen, amen." And then you ask the question, "So then what do we do? What's the best form of education then?" And all of a sudden the room gets really quiet and a food fight starts to break out. There's not a lot of consensus in the Christian community, but the word of God does say something to the question, doesn't it?

Kevin Swanson: It does, right. Public, private, Christian schooling, home schooling, lot's of controversy here. But the word of God does give us the principles again, and the principles are basic, they're important, they ought to be brought into play. To say that the word of God has nothing to say about the education of our children is to say that God is not wise enough to give us anything that can be helpful in one of the most important elements of life on planet earth.

Daniel Craig: Let me push back on you for a second because I just went through the concordance and education doesn't actually show up.

Kevin Swanson: That's true. Yeah. I've done the same thing.

Chad Roach: Nowhere. Nowhere.

Kevin Swanson: However, there is some content in the word of God about giving wisdom, knowledge and understanding to a young man or young woman.

Daniel Craig: Very true.

Chad Roach: Wisdom shows up, actually, a lot.

Kevin Swanson: It does. And how to give wisdom or understanding to a young man or young woman. And the average teacher that I run into would say, "That's a pretty good definition for education." And as it turns out, yes, the Book of Proverbs is God's book on education, and there is almost no teaching college in America that uses that book as it's curriculum. Now why is that? Well, because God probably doesn't have the authority to speak on that issue. If you're putting God up against John Dewey or some of the other experts on education, God really isn't compete very much in the modern mind, but we believe God is smart. God's real smart.

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