Maximizing Impact in Missions

How to Disciple the Nations on a Small Budget


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August 07, 2018

Small churches are looking to maximize their impact in missions support. Large denominations funnel huge amounts of money into mission work that turns out to be inefficient use of resources. Can smaller churches provide ten times the impact with 1 one hundredth the resources? Mark Robinette shares how this was done by one small little church in Columbus, Ohio with the nation of Myanmar. How to disciple the nations on a pretty small budget, on this edition of Generations.  For more information on the mission work in Myanmar, go to

About Your Host, Kevin Swanson

Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 70's, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Since graduating from his homeschool and then serving as student body president of a large west coast university, he has gone on to other leadership positions in corporate management, church, and other non-profits.