How Liberty is Lost



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October 02, 2019

How are our liberties lost, decade after miserable decade?  Freedoms just sort of slip away, but how does this happen.  With the loss of fatherhood and manhood, comes the loss of everything — family, faith, and freedom. These things tie together.  Some men are still standing in the gap, however. Randy Wilson from Family Research Council challenges us to faith first and then action.  Will you stand courageous, dads?

About Your Host, Kevin Swanson

Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 70's, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Since graduating from his homeschool and then serving as student body president of a large west coast university, he has gone on to other leadership positions in corporate management, church, and other non-profits.