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I Don’t Want My Insurance Money Killing Babies


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February 25, 2020

Why are there far more abortions via abortifacients today than ten years ago? A major reason is the provision of birth control funding without the copay.   How do you like to see your medical insurance money paying for the mass killing of infants?   Is there a possibility to find any kind of island of freedom, that costs 1/3 of what insurance programs that kill children would cost you?  Kevin Swanson interviews Joel Noble, Director of Public Policy for Samaritan Ministries on more recent attacks on the Christian Medical Sharing programs. 

About Your Host, Kevin Swanson

Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 70's, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Since graduating from his homeschool and then serving as student body president of a large west coast university, he has gone on to other leadership positions in corporate management, church, and other non-profits.