Cloning and Genetic Experiments

When Men Forget God


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October 12, 2021

When we abandon the fear of God in the science classroom, catastrophes ensue. We see this in China, where they have recently produced mice from two moms—with a survival rate of about 15%. What do Christians say about these types of “science”? What does God say about it? What is the true purpose of science and the study of God’s created order? We discuss these questions on this edition of the Generations’ broadcast.

This program includes:

1. The World View in 5 Minutes with Adam McManus (DC Comics has outed Superman; Nipah virus, with 70-90% fatality, spreading in China and Australia; NC Lt. Gov: Perverted curriculum for elementary kids is “filth”)

2. Generations with Kevin Swanson

About Your Host, Kevin Swanson

Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 70's, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Since graduating from his homeschool and then serving as student body president of a large west coast university, he has gone on to other leadership positions in corporate management, church, and other non-profits.