Dinosaurs and the Bible

Were they on the ark? When did they go extinct?


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April 01, 2024

Does the Bible reference dinosaurs? What are the “behemoth” and “leviathan” creatures referenced in Job 40 and 41? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? If so, how many pairs were there? 

What about the legends about knights fighting fire-breathing dragons? Are those stories really about dinosaurs? What about the stories of the American Indians who documented instances of the “Thunderbirds” that swooped down out of the sky and snatched their young children to eat? And when did the dinosaurs go extinct?

Guest host Adam McManus interviews Dr. Daniel Biddle, President of Genesis Apologetics, about a powerful, visually rich new film called “The Ark and the Darkness: Unearthing the Mysteries of Noah's Flood.” Using a panel of 11 experts, including those from Answers in Genesis and Liberty University, the movie was shot at the Ark Encounter

It’s only in the theaters on Monday, April 1st. Watch the trailer and get tickets here.

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