Christian Pompeo May Lose Nomination

Christian Ron Paul Opposes Pompeo


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April 23, 2018

Ron Paul is a Christian, a Republican, Pro-Life, and Presbyterian.  And, so is Mike Pompeo. President Trump’s nomination for Secretary of State!  So why is Ron Paul opposing Mike Pompeo?  Two worldviews are clashing here and they are both Christian.  What gives?  The matter surrounds war-hawkishness.  Must conservatives and Christians necessarily embracing war-hawkishness?   And, is this a big deal that should separate chief friends here?  Kevin Swanson brings in the more basic issues that we need to be talking about, when it comes to these political issues.

About Your Host, Kevin Swanson

Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 70's, Kevin Swanson and his wife, Brenda, are now homeschooling their five children. Since graduating from his homeschool and then serving as student body president of a large west coast university, he has gone on to other leadership positions in corporate management, church, and other non-profits.