Why Physician-Assisted Suicide is Deadly for Society

Christian Doctors Speak up for Life


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May 28, 2018

On May 15th, California Judge Daniel Ottolia affirmed life when he overturned the 2-year-old physician-assisted suicide law which had led to the deaths of 111 Californians, noting that the legislature acted unconstitutionally.

Guest host Adam McManus talks with Dr. David Stevens, president of the 19,000-member Christian Medical & Dental Association, who says, "Assisted suicide is not healthcare; it has no role in the healing arts of medicine. Depressed patients can easily fall prey to the temptation to give up on life. Those who have a financial interest in a patient's death—insurers, the government, greedy heirs—can wield lethal pressure against the elderly and infirm. When these laws pass, millions of Americans, including many teenagers, who feel vulnerable to thoughts of suicide, hear a message from the government that suicide is a good thing.”

You’ll hear about the differences between physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, the Biblical reasons why they are wrong, and the disturbing notion that 25 states introduced such lethal bills in their legislatures, the vast majority of which failed to pass – for now.

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