How do I find good reading for young adults?

July 18, 2016

Article By: Generations

Kevin Swanson: Now, you've probably noticed that we do not market Harry Potter.

Chad Roach: Nope.

Kevin Swanson: Hunger Games.

Chad Roach: None of that.

Kevin Swanson: And we don't want our young people turning into vampires.

Chad Roach: No. 

Kevin Swanson: Okay. So, one of the real thrusts of the ministry is to produce and to market great material, reading material that can really be an encouragement to our young folks. And it's so hard to find really good stuff that's got good character traits, that's got a good biblical foundation, that's interesting, that's well written, well produced. And so we've pulled all that together in the Generations catalog and the Generations website, and we sell these books and these resources, these MP3s, that I think have really good messages and are fun to read and to listen to.

Chad Roach: And just because it's not Harry Potter doesn't mean it's not fun and engaging and exciting to a young boy's imagination. I remember reading through these Douglas Bond books, and you've got this story of these teenage young boys in Scotland during the killing times of the early 1600's, and he's constantly getting himself caught up in a skirmish or fighting with his buddy. The English troops are saving his sisters, and you get the rich Scottish brogue, and it's just a swashbuckling adventure story, but it's also good for young boy's character.

Kevin Swanson: And if you could put it into history, you learn history, and you begin to see that, "Hey, we're part of history too, and we're not necessarily living in the 17th century in Scotland, but we are taking this thing forward into the next century and we play a part in history." And that's one of the benefits of listening to material and reading material that tie in historical narrative. Now this is your brother, Zach.

Chad Roach: Yep. And you've read most of that stuff?

Zach Roach: Yeah, I have.

Chad Roach: He's probably a resident expert on these books.

Kevin Swanson: Right. So Zach, what do you think? We have the Lee Duigon series. Have you read these?

Zach Roach: Yes. The Crown and Covenant ones I especially liked when I was younger. I remember my brother Chad reading them to me and they were really good for just kind of growing you in Christ and is really becoming manhood. How you're gonna conquer the devil, how you're gonna slay the dragon and how you're gonna go out there and fight with your father and stand by your brothers, and really stand up for freedom.

Kevin Swanson: Yeah. And freedom, I like freedom, yeah. That's good.

Zach Roach: Yeah. And definitely the Duigon books are also especially really good. It's really building relationships, really explaining how relationships really build and they really count in life. And they definitely include a little bit of history, and their church history in there, so.

Kevin Swanson: They're unique in that they present a fantasy world that's not exactly our world, so it's a metaphoric world. But they maintain a concept of God, that God is sovereign, God is still in control of the world, He's the creator. And He is to be worshipped, and He is to be served, and He's the source of our salvation and our redemption. That's pretty unique for a fantasy. You're not gonna get that from Harry Potter.

Zach Roach: You're not gonna find a book that's God-centered in your reading.

Chad Roach: And then the last thing we have here is also the GA Henty audio series. Excellently done, at the same quality that many will know. The Lamplighter audio series for just a beautiful audio drama and just riveting, engaging stories to keep you entertained. Even if you don't have time to pick up that book, you can just pop it in the car, take a road trip.

Zach Roach: Sure. We've enjoyed 'em.

Chad Roach: And boys will play them more than once. They're a lot of fun.

Kevin Swanson: Yeah, oh, yeah. We listen to them on vacation trips, and they're some of the best voice acting you're gonna find. Absolutely professional. So we recommend these as well.

Chad Roach: Lots of good resources, boys and girls, lots of fun packs and collections of things to keep young people interested and their attention engaged. All on the website, at

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