How do I find books with solid advice for our family?

July 18, 2016

Article By: Generations

Danny Craig: Anyone who has ever listened to your radio program probably knows that what you focus on the most is this central theme of bringing truth and relationships back to a lost and lonely world. And that's not something that just applies to the radio show, but it also applies to the resources that we've tried to put together in, in our catalog and in our store offerings. Because really, any family needs that biblical truth and those relationships to be the family God wants them to be.

Kevin Swanson: Sure. And we wanted to restore these relationships. And as we come to know Christ, we begin to see godly relationships forming in the marriage, within our family, with our children, and within the body of the Church. And so many of our resources tie in these relationships, and we found the best resources we could find that speak to developing godly biblical relationships, specifically in the home.

Chad Roach: And sometimes, it's a book, or a message, or a sermon, or an exhortation from somebody that can really turn a family's direction and point them in a certain way. So I think one of our goals were to find some of those books, and some of those messages that were key moments in family life to be able to open up a vision towards something that a family had never experienced before.

Kevin Swanson: And there's only one book that's a one size fits all and that's the Word of God. So we're not recommending any single book as the silver bullet.

Danny Craig: Except that one.

Kevin Swanson: Except that one, that's the gold bullet. But I'd recommend multiple resources on things like marriage, child raising, what more important thing do you do in your life than raise your own children? And so why not find the wisest information and counsel from the wisest counselors, who've written great books on child raising. So, we've put together a collection of these on the website again.

Danny Craig: The tricky thing is there's so much shlock out there, particularly in today's world where Christian literature is kinda of sometimes Christian in name only. And so I know that one of the goals has been to really dig into the material and make sure, "Okay, is this author coming at this issue from the perspective of what does the Bible say about this?" So whether it's the "Disciplines of a Godly Woman" or the "Disciplines of a Godly Man," or what does the Bible says about boy-girl relationships or child training, or shepherding a child's heart, or freedom from pornography, that's the perspective that each of the authors in our library is coming from, what does the Bible say about this?

Kevin Swanson: And they speak to the needs of the day. Think about pornography, Heath Lambert's book "Finally Free", 70%, 80% of young men, have a regular problem with pornography, and this is unique to this day, in some respects. So you need a unique message, you need somebody who can write a book that deals with that particular problem that is so plaguing the present day. And I'm talking about Christian boys are having troubles with these issues in terms of sexuality. So, let's be sure we're presenting the very best resources for these issues. And I would recommend our Young Men's Pack, available on the website, and through the catalog, or just pick up some of these unique resources, these individual resources like "Finally Free" by Heath Lambert.

Chad Roach: And the resources aren't just on how parents can deal with certain issues with their kids or on other people's lives. I remember just recently finishing this book, "Disciplines of a Godly Man" one of the most perhaps edifying and encouraging books for me as a father, as a man, in discipling, not only growing in my own personal discipline but discipling my wife, and those around me. I highly recommend Kent Hughes books, "Disciplines of a Godly Man". Went through it in a small group. One of the best resources that I could say for men.

Danny Craig: And I think one of the things I'll mention that you touched on briefly is just the fact that we have also put together several bundles. So we have a Young Man's Discipleship Bundle, a Young Woman's Discipleship Bundle, also some bundle on world view resources and child training. So, if you feel like you're just getting started with this idea of family discipleship, I'm sure there's a pack for you or an individual resource that will speak directly to the need that you have today.

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